#BYND2015: ICT Relay

ICT_RelayBYND2015 Nepal Hub and its Asia Pacific Team in coordination with BYND2015: Global Youth Summit-ITU, is organizing ICT Relay via Facebook and Twitter globally. This event will be the first ever unique campaign of its own kind on POST 2015 supported by ITU which will be carried out for a week starting from 5 September till 11 September as the Global Youth Summit will kick off from 9 September and ends on 11 September 2013.


To bring #BYND2015 in trend globally and to address the future priorities for sustainable development, views from young people from around the world via online platform.


During this Relay we will be passing the statement via Facebook and Twitter as our status or directly in our Facebook event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/154755381398522/):

I think the priority for the future should be (priority in BLOCK Letters). and you? @(friend) #BYND2015 #ICT4D #(countryname) pass the baton

(Example: I think the priority for the future should be VIRTUAL YOUTH EMPLOYMENT and you? @CaveetaGautam #BYND2015 #ICT4D #Nepal pass the baton)

Be the first one to play… The first ever ICT Relay!!

Note: All the people who have participated in the Relay will be listed and featured in our blogs as contributors to BYND2015, young people voices via ICT!!


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