COPinMyCity: Warsaw in Kathmandu

COP in MyCity is a youth-led project which ambitions to bridge the gap between climate negotiations (a.k.a. COPs) and the mainstream public, foster education and action about climate change locally and create an international community of youth climate leaders committed to the success of COP21 (2015). As COP19 will happen in Warsaw, Poland, in November this year, all COP in MyCity initiatives for 2013 are called Warsaw in MyCity. The project will be repeated next years for COP20 and COP21.

BYND2015 Nepal Hub will host the first ever COPinMyCity event in Asia entitled as COPinMyCity: Warsaw in Kathmandu. The overall program will be based on three steps, to be implemented in Kathmandu:

  • Before COP19 → We will be organizing a Flash Mob for Mobilization: Let’s make some noise! We need to mobilize citizens and young people in our cities during the COP for everyone to know what’s going on in the negotiation processes.
  • During COP19 → We will be organizing Simulation for Education and Awareness-raising: in order to reach as many people as possible, we need to ensure that everyone understands what is at stake as simulation games are one of the best tools to make people understand climate negotiations and climate issues.
  • After COP19 → Debriefing: This time is devoted to discussion within our team and within the COP in MyCity community. We will share the results of our simulations and get all our positions discussed. This is also the time where we will each discuss about what we can do at our city’s level to fight against climate

Our goals:

  • Bring the expertise about climate change to young people and citizens, raise awareness about the COP and act locally by gathering climate actors in our cities.
  • Influence the climate negotiations by building a common vision using the tool of simulation games.

The final objective?

COP21, which will take place in Paris in 2015. This is the deadline countries have set for themselves to come to a global agreement on cutting their carbon emissions, for the first time in the history of climate negotiations. We must act for COP21 to succeed and provide humanity with a strong legal framework to avoid catastrophic climate change.


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