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telecom-blogCommunication, you could argue, is what makes us human. It’s an essential part of our lives, families, societies and civilisation. We have gestured, talked and written to each other over thousands of years, first locally, then more widely, and now increasingly globally. Telecommunications, communicating at and over a distance, enabled this enormous increase in the range of our contact with each other – and has led directly to the information and communication (ICT) revolution currently affecting every area of our lives to a previously unprecedented extent.

Understanding the implications of this revolution, the opportunities and challenges it presents to the industry and to the people of the world, is the core topic of ITU Telecom World 2013 held in Bangkok this November.

ICTs are the backbone of everything we do, the core infrastructure behind public services, transport, health, finance, every sector of our daily lives. And the pace of change…

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