#MountainYouth Youth Consultation on #Post2015 and #SustainableDevelopment : A Mountain Perspective

Photo credit: Kabita Gautam

Photo credit: Kabita Gautam

About 30 young people gathered together on 30 May 2014 at ICIMOD Knowledge Park, Godavari for a consultation workshop on “Post2015 and Sustainable Development: A Mountain Perspective”. During which the young people discussed on different thematic sectors guided by different resource persons. The workshop was specially focused to share Knowledge, capacity building and youth engagement in decision and policy making processes. The outcome of the workshop will contribute to the Thematic Clusters and towards formulation of SDGs and also prioritize the issues from Mountain Regions and strengthen the voice of mountain people at global level. It also urged for the partnership with related Government bodies on SDGs processes. Organized by BYND2015 Nepal Hub with the support from ICIMOD, the workshop took place in three phases.

  1. Knowledge Sharing Session: During this session, Er. Mahendra B. Gurung (Former Joint Secretary, Ministry of Irrigation) highlighted on the importance of Youth Engagement in Decision and Policy Making Processes. Sharing some examples of ongoing projects in Mountain region, Dr. Bhaskar Karky (ICIMOD) imparted his experiences and knowledge on challenges and opportunities for young people to promote sustainable development in Mountain region. Mr. Ankit Adhikari (Sub-Editor in the Himalayan Times), one of the young journalist emphasized on the gaps between the media and related stakeholders on development processes. In addition to that he also shared some of the news writing techniques among the youth participants which specially focused on the bridging the gaps. Ms. Kabita Gautam (BYND2015 Nepal Hub), who has been actively involved in Sustainable Development Processes since 2010, shared some of her experiences and engagement in such processes reflecting on the major issues that is being discussed at regional and global level. She also urged the young people not to be left behind and get involved in SDGs processes to strengthen the youth voice and increase the youth participation in Post 2015 Framework.
  2. Skype Session: During this session two presentations was done online via Skype. Mr. David Collste (Global Focal Point, UNEP 10YFP on SCP) briefed on the initiative of 10YFP on Sustainable Consumption and Production and the Major Group for Children and Youth Platforms. Similarly, highlighting on the negotiation processes on Climate Change, Ms. Juliette Decq (CliMates, France) talked about the youth engagement processes on climate negotiation and the initiative of COPinMyCity Campaign.
  3. World Café: During the world café the participants were divided into six thematic groups and the group discussion was carried in a world café modality during which the participants came up with the key issues in transforming the following sectors in sustainability and listed out their potential solutions for transformation.
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Energy
  • Employment and decent work for all
  • Sustainable production and consumption
  • Youth, Education and Culture
  • ICT

#ITUWORLD Young Innovators Competition 2014

An integral part of ITU Telecom World events since 2011, the Young Innovators Programme works with innovative young people from all over the world who are using technology to transform their communities and their social reality. Each year, the Young Innovators Competition invites talented, technologically-minded young people to compete for one of the prestigious places in the programme. This year, ITU Telecom and the competition sponsors will launch a range of challenges for young innovators to solve in the months leading up to ITU Telecom World 2014 this December.

This year we will be doing things a bit differently. First, the Competition will be hosted at ideas.itu.int which will allow you to see, vote and comment on entries. It will give us a place to keep you up to date on the progress of the challenges and all the news related to the competition.

Second, this year, instead of launching all of our challenges at once, we will be bringing you a series of challenges one after another, leading up to ITU Telecom World 2014 in Doha this December 7-10. As always, the top participants will be brought to Telecom World for an accelerator programme of pitching, hands-on workshops and mentoring – plus up to USD 10 000 in funding. Each challenge will have a different theme and focus, and some might even include some surprises.

For our first challenge, we are teaming up with Ooredoo to look for bright sparks with big ideas on local digital content. We’re looking for the most promising tech start-ups aimed at inspiring the creation, aggregation or digitization of local content, particularly in non-Latin scripts. This may involve local script content, or resolving the technical challenges of digitizing non-Latin scripts through innovative technologies, or fresh uses for older technologies such as optical character recognition voice recognition or translation software.

Check ideas.itu.int for our challenge brief and tell us about your start-ups and business plans. We’ll be running a number of challenges throughout the year, partnering with leaders in the innovation economy, and focusing on the hottest technology topics, so keep an eye on the platform and on our Facebook page, keep your ideas coming, and maybe we’ll see you in Qatar.

The Young Innovators Competition Team

ITU Telecom World: the future of communications is our future

The ITU Blog

telecom-blogCommunication, you could argue, is what makes us human. It’s an essential part of our lives, families, societies and civilisation. We have gestured, talked and written to each other over thousands of years, first locally, then more widely, and now increasingly globally. Telecommunications, communicating at and over a distance, enabled this enormous increase in the range of our contact with each other – and has led directly to the information and communication (ICT) revolution currently affecting every area of our lives to a previously unprecedented extent.

Understanding the implications of this revolution, the opportunities and challenges it presents to the industry and to the people of the world, is the core topic of ITU Telecom World 2013 held in Bangkok this November.

ICTs are the backbone of everything we do, the core infrastructure behind public services, transport, health, finance, every sector of our daily lives. And the pace of change…

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ITU-MCMC Contest to Promote the Transformational Power of Broadband

Recognizing the importance of broadband and its impact on a nation’s socio-economic development and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, ITU and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) are jointly organizing a contest to promote the transformational power of broadband called “Connecting at the Roots” which invites submission of video clips about broadband and its impact on individuals, groups of people and/or society based on true stories. The objective is to raise awareness about the importance of broadband and how it can be harnessed to transform lives and society, at both national and international levels as well as to share experiences and practicality of the use of broadband especially applications and content among countries and individuals. Winners will be announced at the ITU Connect Asia-Pacific Summit on 18th November 2013. Both ITU and MCMC hope that this contest will pave the way for similar contests with more partners in future.

The last date for submission of the entries is 15 September 2013.

For more info visit the official website here >>>> “Connecting at the Roots”

#BYND2015 – national hubs promoting youth engagement at the global level

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hubs-blogBy definition, #BYND2015 is a Global Youth Summit, and as part of our long-term goal to connect the unconnected, during the Summit there will be a number of hubs around the world that are going to be set up and run by enthusiastic young people that want to contribute to making the world a better place through the use of technology. Initiatives like this will help to make the Summit truly global as there are several options that allow individuals to participate; either online or through a hub. We are actively encouraging young people to create their own hubs which is precisely what Kabita has done in Nepal:

There is none who will say, Hey! You have this or that kind of skills so I will give you a job. It depends on every individual to recognize their own abilities and belief to transform their dreams into reality. Being an…

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