#UNFCCC Simulation on COP19, Warsaw in Kathmandu

BYND2015 Nepal Hub hosted the first ever COPinMyCity event in Asia entitled as COPinMyCity: Warsaw in Kathmandu on 16 November 2013. Facilitated by Ms. Kabita Gautam, Founder of BYND2015 Nepal Hub, the overall program was coordinated in three steps in Nepal.

  • Before COP19 → An online campaign entitled Climate Relay was organized during which  the main priority for UNFCCC Climate Negotiations on youth perspectives were generated. The objective of this event was to make some noise and mobilize citizens and young people in the cities during the COP for everyone to know what’s going on in the negotiation processes.
  • During COP19 → A Simulation on UNFCCC COP19 was organized on 16 November 2013 with the support from Himalayan Institude of Science and Technology (HIST) and Mocrosoft Innovation Center Nepal (MICN) in order to reach as many people as possible and to ensure that everyone understands what is at stake as simulation games are one of the best tools to make people understand climate negotiations and climate issues. During the event, the role play was done by the participants representing one country from each of the parties: Annex I, Annex II and Non-Annex I. There were separate youth group whose voice were also included in the negotiation process. Some of the youth also acted as the president and secretary of COP as well as president of Nepal. The simulation was followed by a group discussion and World Cafe on different issues of Climate Change.
  • After COP19 → A Debriefing was done after complition of all the major events during which all the outcomes were compiled from Climate Relay, Simulation and World Cafe. The Debriefing came out with some important feedback on COPinMyCity project which was shared and discussed with COPinMyCity team.

OUTCOME: COPinMyCity: Warsaw in Kathmandu finally came up with a declaration, Youth Call for Climate Action.

Similarly, many other events were organized by youth from global level under the guidance of CliMates, the main host of the project COPinMyCity.