#GirlsinICT Day , 24 April 2014: Training for Visually Impaired Young Girls on Social Media Networking and Blogging

The emerging technology has made the world smaller day by day, yet some population of the world is still far apart of the knowledge where the world is leading in coming future. Though we all have access to technology, we are not aware on the upcoming opportunities on ICT. Our world is bounded and limited within few inches of the technology like laptops, computers, iPhones, Tablets, Mobiles, etc. But we never knew the world behind them, because we still lack the platforms for information sharing and learning opportunities. In the competitive world, where we talk about gender equality, women’s empowerment, employment and decent work for all, there is yet to go miles to fill the gaps as of now, we need implementation on the solutions more than documentation of the issues. While talking about ICT, it has changes lives of entire world, yet depending fully on ICT, there is still a big gap between able and differently able people. There is a need of opportunity and information sharing which seems possible due to the applications of ICT. ICT plays a major role to enhance the lifestyles of such differently able people and provide them a platform to create opportunity for themselves.

On the occasion of Girls in ICT Day 2014, 24 April, BYND2015 Nepal Hub will be launching a training program for visually impaired young girls on social media networking and blogging.

International Girls in ICT Day is an opportunity for girls and young women to see and experience technology in a whole new light. It is also an initiative backed by ITU Member States in Plenipotentiary Resolution 70 (Guadalajara, 2010) to create a global environment that empowers and encourages girls and young women to consider careers in the growing field of information and communication technologies (ICTs). International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of April every year. International Girls in ICT day will be observed on 24 April 2014. For more information CLICK HERE >>> Girls in ICT



COPinMyCity: Warsaw in Kathmandu

COP in MyCity is a youth-led project which ambitions to bridge the gap between climate negotiations (a.k.a. COPs) and the mainstream public, foster education and action about climate change locally and create an international community of youth climate leaders committed to the success of COP21 (2015). As COP19 will happen in Warsaw, Poland, in November this year, all COP in MyCity initiatives for 2013 are called Warsaw in MyCity. The project will be repeated next years for COP20 and COP21.

BYND2015 Nepal Hub will host the first ever COPinMyCity event in Asia entitled as COPinMyCity: Warsaw in Kathmandu. The overall program will be based on three steps, to be implemented in Kathmandu:

  • Before COP19 → We will be organizing a Flash Mob for Mobilization: Let’s make some noise! We need to mobilize citizens and young people in our cities during the COP for everyone to know what’s going on in the negotiation processes.
  • During COP19 → We will be organizing Simulation for Education and Awareness-raising: in order to reach as many people as possible, we need to ensure that everyone understands what is at stake as simulation games are one of the best tools to make people understand climate negotiations and climate issues.
  • After COP19 → Debriefing: This time is devoted to discussion within our team and within the COP in MyCity community. We will share the results of our simulations and get all our positions discussed. This is also the time where we will each discuss about what we can do at our city’s level to fight against climate

Our goals:

  • Bring the expertise about climate change to young people and citizens, raise awareness about the COP and act locally by gathering climate actors in our cities.
  • Influence the climate negotiations by building a common vision using the tool of simulation games.

The final objective?

COP21, which will take place in Paris in 2015. This is the deadline countries have set for themselves to come to a global agreement on cutting their carbon emissions, for the first time in the history of climate negotiations. We must act for COP21 to succeed and provide humanity with a strong legal framework to avoid catastrophic climate change.

UNertia: Turning Awareness into Action for a More Sustainable World

UNertia is a campaign and competition that aims to encourage everyone, particularly young people, students and schools in the Asia-Pacific region, to engage in sustainable actions that will benefit their communities and address problems at the local level. UNertia is a response to the global “inertia” regarding sustainable development – we think it’s time to turn awareness into action for a more sustainable world.

For more information please visit >>>> “UNertia”

Using ICT to End Extreme Poverty: Join the conversation

What is the role of Information Communication Technology in development and how are ICT innovations making economies more inclusive, creating jobs, and aiding education and training? Discuss how ICTs can better empower poor citizens to access services, demand their rights, and gain opportunities. For more info visit the official website here >>>> “Striking Poverty”